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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Absolutely Peeved: Corel Painter 11 Review

I cannot WAIT til I get my hands on photoshop. There is so much hype surrounding Corel Painter 11 you'd think it'd be like digital paint's answer to sex. HAH! yeah the paint brushes are pretty cool, get some good effects blah blah blah, BUT I dunno what it'd be like on an XP, but on my vista, the fecking thing is crashing every five minutes. I have lost SO much work from this damn thing dying on me. No warning - not asking it to do anything weird, just.. i drew a circle, got the 'fill' tool to fill it black. it crashes. The new genius programme? I think not. Thank god I didn't pay for this and am just using the free trial version. For the price they're charging you'd think they'd have made a stable programme. My advice? if you want something reliable that doesn't cock up every two minutes, take that money, add a little extra to the kitty and get yourself photoshop. If I see this bloody sign saying that 'painter 11 has experienced a problem and needs to close' one more time, I swear I'm going to delete the thing. I've just about had enough of it.


Anonymous said...

ever stop to think this might be a problem with vista or the demo? just because the trial bugs out doesn't mean the full retail version will.
a derp

Tash said...

Yep, on both counts - I know vista isn't the most reliable of systems, but now it's taking over the world I'd have thought that the companies providing the software would have worked a little harder to make sure it's compatible with it.. I hate vista personally- bring back XP! :(
Also - that piece of kit is pretty expensive - as in well over 100 quid, and to be honest, I'm not willing to take a gamble with that kind of money on something that MIGHT work in the full retail version... To me that's like somebody giving me a slice of cake which tastes disgusting and saying 'well your tastebuds could be off and it could just be this slice that tastes weird... if you eat the WHOLE cake, it MIGHT taste good' if the first slice tastes wrong, it's really not going to encourage me to eat the rest of the cake lol I love how most things in life I end up discribing in terms of cake.

doofus said...

Coming to this a little late, but you might be interested to know that the program is completely unstable both under WinXP and under Mac OS X (I own and use both). I doubt that this is a problem just with the demo, because the demo looks to be the same as the regular program, just with a little check at startup to make sure you have a properly registered copy.

Tash said...

Brilliant! thanks so much!I know it's still a pain in the arse because it doesn't work, but it is comforting to know that it's actually a problem with the software and not with me or the computer! :D

Miguel said...

I have been using Painter 11 for hours every day since it came out. (in fact before it did, cause I beta tested it) I can name every bug and there are things I don´t like but -at least for me- it doesn´t crash that way. In my experience it´s 100% stable and I have already imported all my custom palettes, brushes, old libraries from Painter iX.5 and X and cannot tell the difference in terms of stability.
By the way I´m using a Powerbook G4, a Macbook Pro (running OSX 10.4) and a Athlon XP 3000+ (running Win XP) All fine (you have to disable the enhanced brush ghosting for certain brushes if you want them to run fast but that´s another story)
Check your rigs, update your Wacom drivers... but that´s is not usual at all. Even the betas were quite stable. I only saw a crash for once!

Mick Mason said...


I have Corel Painter X on Mac OS X 10.5.6 and it's pretty stable. I just bought and downloaded Painter 11 and I have yet to manage to actually start the program without it crashing.

I'll go through and update all my drivers etc, but really, this is pretty pants. £136 for a program that won't even start. Excuse me whilst I go and scrub the word 'Mug' off my forehead.

durbustweeb said...

I'm an author of a PS and Painter book published by a major publisher, and Painter 11 absolutely drives me NUTS with its crashes. (Mac OS 10.5.5,6,7 and now 8.) The worst is the one that happens every few times the program opens, where it says "Error: 18 - Corel Paitner has encountered a problem. Please reinstall from the original source."
The obnoxious thing is that is has NOTHING to do with the installation and you can reinstall until the sun burns out without changing a thing. The REAL way to fix it, which Corel has said NOTHING about, is to use the "get info" command while the application's name is selected in the finder. Click on the box "Open using Rosetta," then restart Painter. Enter your serial number as it restarts.
So you don't HAVE Rosetta loaded, like many Mac users? THEN you have to google and download the latest 10.5.(insert latest update number)combo update, which upgrades the entire system (and you thought the automatic upgrade control panel was doing that, didn't you silly?).
Once it starts using Rosetta, you can then use Painter, but it's slower. So close Painter, uncheck the box and restart it, plugging in the serial number yet again.
Several days later you'll probably be doing it again. And again. And again.
I -really- dislike Corel's lack of fixing their bugs.

Tash said...

Yikes! my trial expired and I just hit delete - I've got the adobe creative mastersuite thingy now and I haven't looked back. I've only had photoshop crash on me once, and I firmly believe that it was my computer that was in error not the programme! I haven't got around to learning how any of the other things in the package other than dreamweaver work, or what they even do, but I'm extremely happy with my adobe goodies! Also, as it seems that most people out there use adobe there is no shortage of tutorials and extra bits n bobs and information on how to do things/make things work better within it - which, when I had corel, I could hardly find anything like that for. It was hard enough finding decent brushes for it, forget finding information should something go wrong with the programme! haha

Kayann said...

I just purchased painter 11 in november of 2009. I can not believe they have not solved this problem. I have tried everything to get this program to work on Mac OSX. I have called them. Done everything they suggest. Tried all the different forum suggestions. It worked for a while each time and then stopped. What a scam.

Anonymous said...

You may hate to hear this but upgrade or down grade OS. I had issues with photoshop and vista when vista was in its early stages. I also had to wait until numerous updates for photoshop and vista to work correctly. If you know anything about adding the painter X program to the bypass of protection services that might have cleared up any crashes you would have experienced.

DEP has always been my crash problem, if you had added the program and I missed it, then I retract and will look into the issue some more.

John Morton said...

I was seriously considering the purchase of Corel Painter 11 until I happened upon this review through Google. Ha, I assumed that it would be a functional program and was debating whether I would get enough use out of it to justify the price (as a first-time buyer); well, now I know what the answer to THAT question would be!
Your comments regarding this program remind me so much of what I experienced with Corel Draw back in the 1990's, when I upgraded from version 3 to version 4. It was the most unstable piece of garbage I had ever had the displeasure to work with; and if it were a physical object, it would have had to be described as "flimsy." Sad to see their offerings have not improved in over a decade and a half of development.
So, back then, I simply channelled my efforts through Aldus Photostyler and Pagemaker; which now of course are Adobe Photoshop and InDesign: MUCH better programs, with redundant stability the operating norm - lots of ways to do any one thing, all of which work.
Corel? Ooooh - lots of stuff that MIGHT work maybe but if it doesn’t, hey, everything comes crashing down together.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was a sad day when Corel bought Painter from Metacreations (and raised the price substantially). I was going to update but decided not to after reading your post. Thanks!