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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Monsieur Critique

I've enlisted one of my friends to be my critic - because so often, when I ask people what they think of something i've done, they say nothing but nice things about it. I'm the sort of person who doesn't really learn by people praising the good bits, but rather, from people pointing out where I've gone wrong. Also, there's a tendency that people don't want to seem nasty by saying negative things to other people, especially about art... it's kinda like artists are treated a little like children... a kid toddles up to a person with a drawing of a stick man with one leg longer than the other, one eye, and a green sun in the background, and the person will invariably coo and say how wonderful it is, even though honestly, they're thinking 'this is shit... i don't even know what it is', but they won't say that, because they don't want to hurt the kids feelings.

People tend to treat me the same way.... I'm not sure how much of it isn't helped by the fact I'm short, but really. lol So, I've told me friend, who is actually a really nice, thoroughly decent bloke to be merciless with me. So if you see Monsieur Critique writing something really mean and bitchy, don't worry, he's not being horrible for the hell of it, he's doing it because i've bullied him into it. And may well be paying him for it in the form of baked goods. If you agree with him, join in, if you don't, say something - art is extremely subjective after all! Although you won't be getting baked goods - I can't spend all day making cake. If I did, I wouldn't have time to make art lol

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