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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hiccuping in time to music.

Do you know how pysically hard it is to laugh at yourself while hiccuping when you realise you're hiccuping in time to the music you're listening to?


Dad's told me they've got dress rehearsals coming up for an opera soon, so I think i might go along sketchbook in hand. It's driving me nuts, because I have so many ideas for collections swimming around in my head and i physically can't do anything about it until this damn studio is ready so i can just get in there and bloody get on with it! I HATE waiting around. It's got to the point where I'm *that* frustrated about it that i'm taking it out on my deviantART gallery and absolutely attacking it - uprooting half the crap on there and being absolutely merciless and remorseless with it.

I'm basically back to square one - being stuck spinning my wheels waiting on everyone else - unable to move on and get on with anything myself. I hate this so much. It's got to the point where i'm thinking fuck the lack of insulation, flooring and leaky roof - i just want to be in there doing things - i don't care if i'm freezing my proverbials off and getting rained on. Although I don't think my canvasses would see it quite the same way when they're all warped. GAH! annoying.

Anyway. While I'm on the opera route - here's a picture I did when I was in school. The handsome chap on the extreme right is my Pa! :D I love that dad's had an.. 'unconventional' life. Like at school, kids would say 'my dad's a builder, my dad's an electrician, my dad's a surveyor, my dad works in an office, my dad's a paramedic.... what does your dad do?'
my dad's an opera singer.
that's right.

Opera by ~Tashlentine on deviantART

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