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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wall Art

When I eventually get a place of my own, I am definitely putting this on a canvas in my kitchen:


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Election Malarkey p1.

my bitch for today - hate to make it political, but here goes. THANK YOU FACEBOOK for putting me in a mood this morning haha. You may, or may not know that over here we've just had our general election - that's the vote to get a new Prime Minister - and it's a hung parliament - which means that no party has got the clear majority (though how they can say that when the Tories got 306, labour got 258 and Lib Dem got 57.. to me that says Tories got the majority, but whatever.) So basically the dealio is that the onus is now on the Lib Dems to basically chose a party to form a coalition government with.. or I think failing that, to have another election. Anyway, here's where my beef came in - one of the facebook polls saying what do you think - reading some of the comments... One woman said:

Most of you have obviously not lived and worked under a tory government. i left sc;hool just after maggie thather came into powerand spent two years undemployed could not get on the property ladder for love nor money never knew whetheryou could put food on the table your family."

Firstly it really p'd me off because it's not that hard to check your spelling. People who can't be bothered to proofread things really irritate me - it's the English student side of me - I'm pretty anal about it. But I could not RESIST answering that with:

"And things are different now? I have a 2:1 university degree, I've been unemployed for two years, many of my other friends, all with excellent degrees are finding it nigh on impossible to find employment, unless it's some form of internship where they're expected to work twice as hard as everyone else and very often they're not even paid. With public transport costs as high as they are, this makes it 'interesting' trying to fund over £30 a week to get into London from the suburbs when you have no real income.

Almost all my graduate friends are living with their parents still and we're 23/24 years old, because we can't afford to move out to even rent somewhere, and to cap that off, we're all up to our eyeballs in thousands of pounds of debt from student loans to help cover our tuition fees (and now top up fees)... which Labour are responsible for introducing... and with no way to pay it off. I say bring on the Tories! I'm not sure they can screw up this country any more than Labour already have. I feel sorry for them for being left with such a mess to clean up."

God I hate that people can be so ignorant!!!! oh no Tories were so mean, Margaret Thatcher was so mean, rah rah rah. Open your eyes, look around!!! Did she not stop to think that each time the Tories have been voted into power it's because the country is in chaos, and they're the ones who have to clean up the mess the previous government have made? Each time Labour have been in power they've financially run us into the ground and the Tories have been having to make cuts all over the place to try and get some money. Of course it's unpopular, and probably unfair, but at least they realise that borrowing money is not going to resolve debt. It's not rocket science that cuts are going to have to be made if savings are to be made. And for the keeping the rich rich and the poor poor thing, people seem to forget that it is the rich that are the big investors in industry and without them we'd probably be in more dire economic straits than we are now. I also hate to say it but a lot of the poor are lazy - many young people these days are seeing teenage pregnancy as a career move, as the government will pay for the kids to subsidise them, give them a flat, help them out financially. To me leaving school to squeeze one out when you're in your early teens and to leech off the tax payer is not cool. I like the welfare system in this country. I like that people who need financial help get it, but it needs to me monitored a LOT more strictly as so many people take advantage of and abuse the system, and because of these people, there is not as much money in the kitty to help the people who REALLY NEED it. And the thing I don't get more than anything else, is that for the past 13 years people are like omg labour have ruined the country, we hate labour, labour have destroyed England, labour have done this that the other... We didn't even vote Gordon Brown in - when Blair resigned, he just handed it over to him without asking us if we even wanted him (dictatorship rather than democracy, no?). We should have dissolved the parliament and had a revote then and there to see who would have been more suitable at the time. But after everyone pissing and whining for the past x years, millions of people now VOTE for the guy?!?! wtf?!?! Gordon Brown is utterly pathetic about the whole thing - he will not accept defeat and is clutching at straws and clinging onto the doorframe of number ten going 'me no wanna leeeeeeeeeave'. He's really just embarrassing himself. A journalist said something i really liked :

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'it would be really nice if Gordon Brown could show a little bit of grace and stop clinging, with what is left of his fingernails, to his [tenure in downing street] '

rant over.