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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Update


I know I haven't written on here in absolutely ages, I've not really had time - For someone who spends a lot of time on their arse I've actually been doing quite a lot! I'm currently working on an oil painting of Katharine Hepburn. I'm absolutely determined to do it and do it WELL because I've already tried to paint this bloody woman about 6 times (same picture) and every single time she ends up looking like someone else completley, or extremely manly. It's those killer cheekbones! they look stunning and she looks hot, but trying to translate that to a canvas is an absolute rodding nightmare!

The main news though, is this: I started off trying to update my gallery on my website and got a bit sidetacked: I've signed up to a website called 'DeviantART' which is like a creative mecca for me, it really is! it's got everything there! people post EVERYTHING from cartoons and things like that to poetry to digital art to photography to paintings.. it's crazy! what I love about it is that it gets all these creative brains in one place and it's a really active and friendly community where people give you tons of feedback on your work... it's just GREAT basically! :D
So I've been spending... a..*cough*.. FAIR amount of time uploading stuff to there, taking pictures for there, replying to messages people have left me ON there and working on paintings and things to put on there too - so basically this past week or so, my life has just been DeviantArt... I know that sounds more than slighly geekazoidical (ooh, good word!), but there is method to my madness.

The thing is, when you upload stuff on there - it's not like flikr or photobucket or anything like that where anyone can just steal your work - this place gives you the option of slapping something called a 'creative commons licence' on your work so if anyone does try to steal it and pass it off as their own and make money from it, it's got a digital signature type thing that will stand up in court(!) BRILLIANT! - that's brilliance part 1. Brilliance part 2 is that you can sell prints of your work there. How great is that? yeah ok so for like a regular sized photo the buyer will pay like $1.99 and you'd get 39 cents of the proceeds, but still, it's all money! I just need to figure out my own style and how I can get really good at photography/painting before I attempt that kind of malarkey. But still... creative outlets and all that ;)

Here's my best photo so far! and a link into my gallery on DeviantArt so you can have a look for yourself - you'd actually probably be better off looking there for the time being as my gallery on my website really is a complete mess at the moment.
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Hope you enjoy! and please feel free to leave me any feedback on there, on 'the fridge door' on my site or on here to tell me what you like/don't like etc etc!