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Friday, 21 November 2008

Every Girl Loves a Fella With A Big Moustache

Several reasons for this - firstly, because moustaches are just basically awesome and I can't grow one, so I have moustache envy of every man with a handlebar. Aaaaand, I'm not really going anywhere with this train of thought, but I thought I'd donate a post in my blog to the moustache.

Speaking of donations, this leads me to my second, and much more important point: one of my good friends is growing a moustache for a fantastic cause - prostate cancer.

I'm not saying DONATE MONEY TO MY FRIEND BECAUSE HE'S GROWING A MOUSTACHE (well, you can, if you like, and I'm sure he'd be extremely grateful - I'll provide his registration number here in a mo[no pun intended] if you are insterested ) but rather... I dunno, to raise awareness of the charity incase you do want to join in next year or wish to sponsor anything/anyone - I personally think it's a great idea! random and fun and a lot safer than taking a run-jump out of an airplane which more people seem to be aware of as a regular hands-on charity thing, but which, understandably, is not everyone's cup of tea.

so. Here you go - Grow a Moosh for Movember!

then afterwards, should you enjoy the experience and decide to take your moustache growing to a whole new level, you could always join the Handlebar Moustache Society you absolutely MUST check out this website anyway, because they have a fantastic song on there which is where I've got the title of this blog entry from

Movember - Sponsor Me

for a different charity, and for those of you of an American disposition, there is one called 'mustache march' which I believe, from the brief blurb I've read about it is more to do with giving the moustache growing culture a boost in production numbers.

And just in case you do fancy donating, then I can't think of a better person to sponser than Ollie Dunn, who is a star in every single sense of the word. Here's his reference number: 1404541, and the place you do it is here

and now, two gratuitous pictures of some truly excellent moustaches:

For those of you unable to grow your own, in true Blue Peter style, Here's one I made earlier, to help you out:

Happy Sprouting!

Saturday, 15 November 2008


I'm at my happiest when I'm creating something. I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be, because I am SEVERELY out of practice. I did quite a few drawings last night and I'm swaying towards people at the moment - focussing on nudes and trying different styles... I think I'm going to go to some form of art gallery next week and take my sketchbook along to see what happens, and see what I can learn from the REAL artists :D heh heh.

here's what I did last night anyway - click on the pictures to make them bigger :)

Free Image Hosting at

I liked the shape this guy made

Free Image Hosting at

Quick hand study

Free Image Hosting at

Quick light study

Free Image Hosting at

Sheep skull from life (excuse the pun)

Free Image Hosting at

My poor attempt of a visual transcription of a Botticelli.

Free Image Hosting at

Judy Garland.

Also, discovered by random chance, this artist, who I quite like - she's still in school (?!) but She's way better than most pros that I see! I think I need to really do some work on drawing from life, it's something I've always found next to impossible to do... the only 'life drawing' I've done in the load above is the skull. The rest of it is just pictures I've found on the internet or in books. Can't really compare nature to photographs can you.