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Friday, 21 November 2008

Every Girl Loves a Fella With A Big Moustache

Several reasons for this - firstly, because moustaches are just basically awesome and I can't grow one, so I have moustache envy of every man with a handlebar. Aaaaand, I'm not really going anywhere with this train of thought, but I thought I'd donate a post in my blog to the moustache.

Speaking of donations, this leads me to my second, and much more important point: one of my good friends is growing a moustache for a fantastic cause - prostate cancer.

I'm not saying DONATE MONEY TO MY FRIEND BECAUSE HE'S GROWING A MOUSTACHE (well, you can, if you like, and I'm sure he'd be extremely grateful - I'll provide his registration number here in a mo[no pun intended] if you are insterested ) but rather... I dunno, to raise awareness of the charity incase you do want to join in next year or wish to sponsor anything/anyone - I personally think it's a great idea! random and fun and a lot safer than taking a run-jump out of an airplane which more people seem to be aware of as a regular hands-on charity thing, but which, understandably, is not everyone's cup of tea.

so. Here you go - Grow a Moosh for Movember!

then afterwards, should you enjoy the experience and decide to take your moustache growing to a whole new level, you could always join the Handlebar Moustache Society you absolutely MUST check out this website anyway, because they have a fantastic song on there which is where I've got the title of this blog entry from

Movember - Sponsor Me

for a different charity, and for those of you of an American disposition, there is one called 'mustache march' which I believe, from the brief blurb I've read about it is more to do with giving the moustache growing culture a boost in production numbers.

And just in case you do fancy donating, then I can't think of a better person to sponser than Ollie Dunn, who is a star in every single sense of the word. Here's his reference number: 1404541, and the place you do it is here

and now, two gratuitous pictures of some truly excellent moustaches:

For those of you unable to grow your own, in true Blue Peter style, Here's one I made earlier, to help you out:

Happy Sprouting!

2 comments: said...

I like your blog.

Tash said...

Thank you so much Paulo!! it really means a lot to me to find out that people actually read this stuff, but to find that people actually like it is even better! :D