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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Lots of Photos In This One...

Because I don't actually have a whole lot to say about today. I've been in the shed all day working on it to get it up to my 'studio' standards: here are a couple of progress shots:



I'm really liking it - i thought i'd keep the windows blue because they look pretty, but the lime green just had to go - not just because being in there was like having acid squirted in your eyes, but from the painting point of view, it gives a really warped perception of colour, because it just reflects off everything. So white is a good neutral colour that won't feck up your view of your paintings.

Can't wait to actually start working in there and moving all my stuff in! I'm planning on starting to make my own canvasses because firstly, it'd be cheaper to do that then buy them in the shops, and secondly the ones you get in the shops are extremely flimsy and the canvas is pretty flabby... i bought a reasonably large one one a while back with the hopes of doing some mixed media on it, and it's pathetic. I think if i put some texture paste on it, it would just buckle. and thirdly, the ones you buy in shops aint all that big... especially where I live, the maximum size is like... 3ftx3ft and that'll set you back about £7.00 whereas if i built my own i can get a whopping great lump of timber for £0.89 and canvas doesn't cost too much - nice big tub of wall emulsion to prime it and staple guns are cheap as chips - a few tacks in the side and i'd be sorted for a fraction of the price and i could make it any size i wanted.

Also took a few photos today. I know it's weird, because I'm a girl and i give the impression of being the indoorsy type, but i love the outdoors and i really like bugs! strange as it seems - looking at me you'd never guess that, but i could just crouch there for hours watching them do their thing - i've been like that since i was a kid. My neighbours probably thought I was a bit peculiar in the head, coz i'd just squat down and watch a group of ants, happily, for half an hour.
Anyway. Here are the aforementiond bugs. If you're squeamish look away now, but there are no spiders, so it's fine.

And saving the best to last - one of my favourite bugs: The woodlouse. (other faves are ladybirds, sheild bugs and moths. Snails and caterpillars are also pretty cool little dudes.)

Isn't he a cutie!!!! he looks like a little man with a moustache! Fantastic bugs.

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