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Thursday, 5 March 2009


I'm extremely tired because it's very late, so I'm going to make this brief and try and condense the past few days into a couple of paragraphs:

Not a lot to report. The shed is now empty and ready for conversion. It is INFESTED with spiders - it's like Shelob's lair in there. I wouldn't have a problem with it if the spiders that look like this weren't there. They freak the hell out of me. Possibly because they look a lot like daddylonglegs which I've been petrified of since I was a kid. *shudders at the thought*

I can't wait to actually start painting with a real paintbrush again. I really can't tell you how much. Every morning I wake up with a big blank white canvas still in its wrapper staring at me going 'paint me... paint meeee' and I can't, because if I started chucking paint around in my room, I'd get absolutely throttled by my mother. One of the non-benefits of living at home. Apparently the website will be up tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath - the last three or four times I've said that nothing's happened, so don't really expect too much - I'm just saying what I've heard. Whether or not it transpires will be confirmed sooner or later with a bulletin on here.

My cousin took me to see a play tonight at the Riverside Studios called 'The New Electric Ballroom' which was brilliant - a twin to The Walworth Farce which I may or may not have raved about on here about before. Same playwright. I'll write more on this later because I really am cream crackered after lugging around so much junk today and not really sleeping. Who knew that such a small shed could contain SO MUCH STUFF!

Seing as I'm unable to use real canvasses, here's what I've been getting up to in terms of digital stuff:

Geisha by ~Tashlentine on deviantART

which is a bit crap to be honest, but it was just an idea I wanted to play with. And:

Puddlejumper by ~Tashlentine on deviantART

which I actually quite like. I wish I knew how to do vectors though because the pixellated edges just look so messy.

sorry for the pictures courtesy of deviantart rather than being done properly by resizing and uploading.. this is sheer laziness on my part.

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