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Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Wee Folk

the big news:

!!!!!THE WEBSITE IS UP!!!!!!


Every day, I feel like I'm getting a little bit closer to being a proper working artist. Got my first commission today too! two A3 pencil drawings of two little guys.

Small problem being that firstly, I really hardly ever draw anything - I'm a canvas girl - oils, I do - acrylics, I definitely do. Landscapes and flowers, fine. People I'm not so good at, and I've never drawn a child in my life, so I'm really going to have to buck my ideas up and get to work practicing - kids faces seem totally different to grown-ups faces.. and I don't exactly have access to any small children, let alone any I can legally nail to a chair so they don't squirm around and will sit there for hours without throwing hissyfits - I don't keep a spare one in my cupboard for rainy days either. Shirley Temple is the closest thing I have. She's got such a funny little face, I think if I can draw her, I'll be able to draw any kid.

I'll be updating this entry today as I draw a few more, but really - this whole pencil drawing thing... tricky!

Here is Shirley Temple aged 18 months (from her autobiography: Child Star.. the face on that was all of about 2cm high so... I sense this is going to be some learning curve!)

ok well it seems that the fault of crap drawing lies not with me, but with paper. Went on deviantart to ask the others what they use and a lot of them said smooth paper - so i had a rummage and found some heavyweight smooth paper... here's what I somehow managed to do. I'm a bit stunned to be honest - I absolutely believed that I couldn't draw at all and the problem was with me - i mean - look at the first picture on here! I can't believe that such a simple thing like a different kind of paper could make such an absolutely MASSIVE difference!

Shirley Temple by ~Tashlentine on deviantART

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