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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

One More Step Along...

almost there with the studio now - i have to put a wash on the ceiling to brighten it up a bit, give it a thorough cleaning, I have to do another coat on one wall, and then i'm ready to move in! I can't wait! I can't wait to actually be in there working - I know I've said this before: that I do quite like doing things on the graphics tablet, but it is no (i repeat:) NO subsitute for the feel of a real canvas under a real paintbrush.

My little robin has taken to following me up and down the garden now. I think he's intrigued by what i'm doing because I never really go in the garden, so when i walk up and down for tea breaks or to plug in the electricity, he flits between the fence and various things along the way, twittering at me. It's nice to at least have one friend in Surrey now. I want to get a couple of bits to hang up on the trellis for him - like a coconut or something - i'm in negotiations with dad for the little patch of garden in front of the studio - they don't really do anything to it- they do so much in the rest of the garden, but that little patch is pretty much left to its own devices: they have some form of tree, the trellis with wisteria winding around it, and some scraggly kind of bush, but if i'm allowed to, I'm hoping to turn it into a little oasis of color and nice smells and things for birds and windchimes and all that hippy crap. I know i have my bedroom where i should put my stamp, but i don't really feel it's my domain because mum comes in whenever she feels like it, and the house is HER house... but the shed... now that, is MINE. *smiles* I might actually end up living in there over the summer.

I've also seen a thing on the internet for about £130 which is a solar panel to power a laptop, so as soon as i get some money, i'm going to invest. I've already got a solar panel light for the studio - i just need to install it somehow. I really love all this save the planet/eco/renewable energy stuff and organicness and recycling, i just wish it was cheaper. I personally think people should put less angst into the depleting resources we already have, and waste less money panicking and sqabbling over how much we're going to charge per barrel of oil and negotiations with far off distant lands, and instead put the money and passion into looking at what is right on our doorstep and making it affordable so that more people can actually USE the planet in a positive way to power our lives and our future, rather than abuse it in a parasitical way. I know a lot of people hate windfarms, and think they're a blot on the landscape...but i actually think they're quite beautiful to look at - serene.. i mean, i'd rather have a few of those in a field rather than those ugly pylons.

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