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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Me and My So-Called ‘style’


Since winter has rolled in and I’ve gone from shorts/jeans and polo shirts to my usual style of clothing which is rather 1940s influenced, I’ve been getting SO MANY people commenting on the way I look and the way I dress and people staring at me when I walk by. Admittedly I do dress a bit unconventionally because I hate fashion trends – I just wear what I like and to hell with everyone else, basically. But literally, the past few weeks, if I go out, at least one person will compliment me. Which I find incredibly weird because.. let’s just say my whole life I’ve been kind of used to being the weird invisible kid in the corner doing her own thing in her own little world. It’s nice weird, but still weird. I think the weirdest it’s got was a month or so ago when I went to South Kensington to pop into the Royal College of Music to see some old friends, and a bunch of Japanese guys in identical business suits were following me up the road with a video camera. I have NO idea what that was about but I can’t say I enjoyed the experience too much. Obviously they’d mistaken me for someone else.  Anyway I’ve also had a few people encouraging me to do a post on what I wear, so today’s post is just going to be showing you an extremely typical day look – like what I’d wear to go out food shopping or something. Basic slob gear really.  The weather is dismal outside and even standing in front of the window it’s horrifically dark so I’ve tried to lighten it a bit by using a really crappy basic programme but I look kinda washed out.

The hair is a bit different to what I usually do when I curl it. Tried for ringlets today – it didn’t re1940meally work.1940me2 


  <Regular every day face:   (looking horrendous because I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep for about a week now)


Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in Sand, Concealer is the Lancôme foundation I tested the other day (see here for review) Brows: Collection 2000 Kohl in Brown, Eyeliner: Collection 2000 black waterproof liquid line, Cheeks:  Natural Collection in Sweet Cheeks  Lips: L’Oreal: Star Secrets in Rouge Penelope (the Penelope Cruz one)




<- Nails. With 2 coats of the Nails inc primer under and one over. When I took this, I’d put the polish on over a week ago. (And I’m very hard on my nails)






image image

Somewhat embarrassingly, I’m like the poster girl  for primark in this photo. Minus the shoes, the whole outfit is from there. I love Primark, not only in the ‘I can’t afford to buy anything else’ way, but in the general ‘I really like their clothes’ way too.

You can’t really see the skirt in this too well, but I’ll wear it tomorrow and take a photo then so you can see it more clearly.

belt and skirt detail:





 image image








Again – regular face, using same makeup as above, but wearing the NYC lipstick in Dubonnet. Main difference is the light when I took the photo and the amount of sleep I had. Hair bow was improvised from an old bit of ribbon I found at the bottom of my drawer. Tied the bow around a pencil and then pushed a hairslide through the knot at the back to fix it to my hair. It’s a bit rough around the edges because it’s pretty much as old as I am – I used to wear it as a sash around my waist when I was about two. So i’m going to go shopping for some new bits of ribbon soon, because as dorky as it sounds, I like wearing bows in my hair.


Went for a sort of 20s-30s look

navy blue top, grey cashmere jumper – tucked it in because the skirt is high waisted and it looks better than being over it because it’d cover the detailing on the front of the skirt (which you can sort of see in the entry beforehand) (primark) and a belt just didn’t look right with it because of the silk scarf around my neck – just made it look too cluttered. Grey ribbed tights from topshop (i think? I remember them being about £7 anyway) and patent 2-tone brogues from New Look.









Day 3 (today)

Found this dress in Primark for £1 and thought this is so vile that it’s actually pretty cool!


The top part is a really vile sort of salmon peach colour. One colour I absolutely DETEST but the dress actually fits pretty nicely so I attacked the top bit with a red DYLON pen which I picked up for £3 at a local sewing shop.

I wear this over a navy blue top because it’s too cold to wear as-is at the moment  and it tends to slip down a bit – there’s none of that sort of rubber stuff you get in other tops that are supposed to hold themselves up, so I don’t really want to end up flashing people so i just pin it to the top to hold it up.

Wearing this out to the pub tonight -  this is the hair and makeup side of things. I’m not very good at doing Victory Rolls – I’ve only just  started trying to do them so I still need a lot of practice – I have trouble getting the side bit curling rather than flopping so if anyone has any tips on how to do that better, then let me know!













the whole outfit, with the top bits painted red with the dylon pen. Looks much better, no?










And now the shoes:









(tights aren’t blue btw – they’re black woolly ones. just not as black as the shoes. )

OR tone it down for daywear with less fussy hair and flat shoes like these: (tip for suede, give it a squirt with suede protector before you wear them outside – so if it rains they don’t get totally wrecked) image


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