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Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Quest… and some foraging.


I was on a scouting/foraging mission today in my local shopping centre. I’m on a quest to find the perfect under eye concealer. At the moment I’m using the Clinique airbrush but that’s running out really soon and so I’m looking around to see what else is on the market, just out of curiosity. I’m perfectly happy with Clinique, but if there’s something that can banish my undereyes even more, so much the better!!

The fruits of my scouting mission are as follows:

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in 010 Beige Porcelaine – she gave me the foundation sample because they didn’t have one for concealer but she said they’re pretty much the same anyway. Says on the packet enduringly divine comfort makeup- 14h retouch-free Oil-free SPF10

MAC concealer in NW20 Select- that’s what she’s written at the bottom of the pot anyway. And just for laughs she threw in a pot of foundation in mineralise NWZO

Organic Glam Luminous Antioxidant Foundation in shades 02 & 03- a relatively new company – they;ve only been around for 7 years or so. On the packet it says A luminous sheer foundation that gives a flawless radiant complexion. The formulation imparts a natural look that is light and comfortable to wear. Antioxidants help protect the skin from pollution and free radical damage while mineral pigments correct imperfections leaving skin looking fresh and luminous. buildable formula that can be layered for a light, medium or complete coverage.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage eye anti-aging moisturising treatment- not that I’m worrying about wrinkles right now – I’m only 23, but it said on the stand thing that it’s supposed to help dark circles. It’s one of those twice daily cream things. Ok so I went in looking for concealer, but.. it’s free… so… This exclusive  eye treatment with I-Seryl Complex and clinically proven Idebenone helps fight the effects of environmental damage: fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles. Visibly smooths, brightens and lifts the look of eyes. Proof… not promises.  And at £75 a pop it bloomin’ well should work! Obviously I can think of FAR better things to spend that kind of money on.. phone bills for about 7 months for example… I’m not vain or desperate enough to ever buy anything like this or even contemplate buying something like this, but hey, if it’s a free trial, why the heck not give it a shot.

Last, and by all means least – Sisley eye concealer with botainal extracts in 1 and 2. I did not like the sales assistant from that place one bit (hence the ‘and by all means least’) she was incredibly pushy, trying to convince me that my skin tone is pink – I think I know my own skin tone better than you love, and then despite me saying at least 3 times I’d rather have a sample to try on at home because the skin under my eyes is sensitive and it stings if it doesn’t like it. She then stood there going ‘but it’s botanical so you can’t have an allergic reaction and it’s great on all skin types’ – I’m sorry, but ‘botanical extracts’ do not qualify as completely botanical and/or organic. Let me put it this way… digitalis is organic. Pull up a few fox gloves in your garden and you can give someone heart failure. Ok so you’re not exactly going to ingest concealer unless you’re really really stupid, but I think I made my point… but disregarding all that, she then came at my face with her finger loaded up with a heap of  dark brown gunk. I’m trying to get RID of dark circles, not put them on!! I have a phobia of things being near my eyes in general which was made worse by burning my eyeball a few years ago when part of a lit match flew off and landed in it. To have anything - forget anyone else’s finger near my eye is an absolute ABSOLUTE no-go area. There is only one person I trust to have his finger near my eyes and even then with limits. Yeah and then she gave me the sample to take back in the 2 colours I said I didn’t want, and refused to give me the one I actually wanted to try on, because apparently she knows what colour skin I have better than I do, when I’ve been buying makeup for myself for over 10 years…

I’ll try it on and post photos for a laugh but even if by some miracle the thing looked good, I’m not going to get it on principle alone.  Coming at my eyes with your finger. Jesus. FYI it says on the packet ‘eye concealer for dark circles and under eye puffiness. Reduces signs of tiredness, masks imperfections and visibly diminishes lines.

My undereyes are pretty horrendous as I think the photo below demonstrates quite well. So i’ll try to remember to post updates of my makeupless eye at various stages of using the Elizabeth Arden goop so that if there is actually any visible difference, you’ll see it yourself, not just take an airbrushed model in a glossy magazine or sales assistants word for it.


If anyone has tested any of these products, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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