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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Do You Want The Truth, Or Something Beautiful?

A couple of posts back, I regaled you with an adventureimage of the media variety – being on the set of Paloma Faith’s then upcoming music video. (To refresh your memory, click the picture of the set on the right)

Here’s Paloma’s video diary of the making of – The first part was during the day and the bit where she’s in the trailer was done probably in the final bits – coz she did the crying stuff around 10-11 – not entirely sure why she’s putting makeup back on, coz I thought we’d wrapped by then, but then what do I know… LOL

The guy with the big rectangular glasses was an absolute DUDE – I’m horrendous with names, but I think his name was Josh? he sat down with one of the extras (who I immediately named ‘duck’, for some reason) and I as we were the first arrivals, and set about explaining that they have an on-set choreographer and they were wanting a few shots of ballroom dancing but don’t worry if we’ve never danced before because the choreographer would teach us all the steps and everything…. the looks on our faces was that of pure horror which cracked him up and he told us he was only joking but we should just get comfortable because we’d be sitting down for a really long time. I think the guy with the baseball cap Enrique (?) was sitting a few seats away because between takes Paloma would come off the stage and jump him haha so he’s in it too somewhere, but you can’t see him.

The video is now out, and it looks great! it’s different to her others – it’s very simply done which works with the song – her others have a lot going on in them – like the backdrop of a bowling alley becoming New York, or being in a warehouse full of people in crazy costumes and burlesque dancers. Can’t really see any of us extras in it – we’re more indistinct shapes than anything and I find it mildly mind blowing that the director spent about 2 hours filming us in various seats, and shots over Paloma’s shoulder panning down the middle of the aisles of seats etc and  we did that stand up and cheer thing about 15 times – probably spent the best part of 40 minutes on that alone, and they put all that work into US and we hardly even show up – this isn’t me having a moan about not having my 15 minutes of fame at all – I’m just more stunned about just how much was cut – and trying to imagine what it must have been like for Paloma, and other actors and singers and on-screen people, when they’re one their feet slogging it out for 16 hours doing take after take after take, and that 16 hours of work  gets condensed into about 40 seconds of video and the rest of it ends up on the cutting room floor. It’s crazy.

Anyway – here’s the video – Enjoy!


About Art…

I know I haven’t really written much about art for ages, but with winter rapidly closing in, it’s just not the right weather for it. My studio is the shed in the garden and is not insulated, and with the horrendous weather and everything we’ve been getting lately I don’t really want to electrocute myself by running an electricity cable down 80 feet of garden in torrential rain, and it’s also just too dark with the bad weather and the nights drawing in. I still want to keep this blog going though because for some reason I actually kind of enjoy writing it, so I’ll be writing on.. well.. whatever takes my fancy until the weather improves enough to start work again. I’m also having to look for a job (I know.. URGH) over winter because if I’m not painting, then frankly, I need to be doing SOMETHING because I cannot tell you just how boring it is to be stuck indoors doing nothing. Some envy this bohemian lifestyle of mine – sleeping in til late and pottering around until 4am, but I promise, it’s solitary and it gets really old and really dull really fast. I can’t wait for summer to show its face again!


This blog is also kinda boring looking so I’m going to see what I can do about sprucing it up a bit and making it look  a bit more interesting. So.. we shall see what we shall see. Til then, Take care


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