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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Makeup test: Day 2, Lancôme

Day one and 2 applications of the Elizabeth Arden miracle goop is over and I can’t see any difference yet. Early days though, and I did have a shocking night’s sleep last night so that probably hasn’t helped matters either.

Here’s the state of my eyes this morning. I decided to take the picture standing over by the window this time because it’s been really gloomy out lately and my camera doesn’t seem to like focussing when it’s dark. The circles don’t look so bad with that lighting, but they are actually darker than they were yesterday.


My skin did not agree with that horrible MAC foundation at all and my face has errupted overnight. Hormones aren’t helping, if we’re gonna be honest and feminine with each other, but in this case I’m going to say the MAC gunk factors in heavily with it’s nasty oily texture.



Today I’ve been testing  Lancôme’s ‘Teint Idole Ultra’ foundation in ‘Beige Porcelaine’. First off this is a great colour for me & the saleswoman did a great job picking it out considering I wouldn’t let her put anything near my face! haha

It smells DELICIOUS. It smells like summer. It glides on, has a smooth velvety texture and kind of dries to a soft, almost powdery finish. I’ve had it on for a few hours now and it honestly doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything on my face at all – no cakey ‘mask’ feeling whatsoever. It glides over pores and conceals them, eavens out skin tone really nicely, for blemishes I just patted a tiny bit extra over them and they disappeared. This foundation is £26.50 if you buy it in Boots, and I’d say that so far, it’s definitely worth it. It’s not got rid of my black under-eyes, but it is JUST a foundation. After trying this on I can’t wait to see what the concealer would be like – they didn’t have any samples of it so I’ll try somewhere else or brave someone wielding a brush near my eye. I can’t afford this right now, but when I do eventually manage to get a ‘normal person’ job that gives me money haha then this is definitely going to be on the ‘list of things to buy’ (providing none of the others I’ll be testing this week beats it.. but I really think they’ll have a tough job –this has set the posts pretty high.)

Here’s what it looks like on – along with all the rest of the crap I’ve put on my face (the lipstick, in case you’re wondering is a combination of Clinique’s long last soft shine lipstick in blushing nude (great name) and the L'Oreal Penelope Cruz aka #708  lipstick I reviewed last weekend (which I have warmed up to a little, despite the smell, because the colour is really nice) over the top.  I really hate having to take pictures of myself unless I’ve got like a proper theme in mind like the stuff in my DeviantArt self-portrait folder, so that’s the reason behind the totally gormless expression here… I may have to work on my 16 year old thrust out chest, bottom lip stuck out, holding the camera WAY above my head myspaz style poses.








<- 6 hours later…

It stayed on my face just fine, and I barely even got shiny, but it seems to have migrated from under my eyes somewhat. Maybe I was rubbing my eyes or something. Still want to try the concealer of this because I think it will be great! I’m not keeping it on ‘til 11 tonight again because I’m going to have a bath. Looks like it’d stay put pretty much all day though, so that’s good. All in all, a favourable review from me for Lancôme.

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