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Sunday, 22 November 2009


I made my first 999 call today. I went shopping and then I went to the bus station to wait for my bus. At the stop up from mine, a bus stopped and this guy who was probably in his 50s to 60s was really struggling to get out - he was clinging onto the door handle and his legs were giving way beneath him. NOBODY offered to help him. He was clinging onto the handle and reaching out in the air for something to stabilise himself because it's a big step to get down off London busses - it's a good 2 feet from the floor of the bus to the ground. NOBODY offered to help him. They just stood there and stared at him. What the HELL is wrong with people???!??? the guy was clearly disabled - he looked like he had Parkinson's disease quite badly from the way he stood (when he did manage to stand) and was clearly retarded which you could see in his face, the way he spoke, the absence of anything really going on behind the eyes and the fact that he was a bit on the grubby side and dribbling a bit, so I went up, grabbed his arm, steered him over to the seat, sat him down and asked if he was ok - he'd clearly been drinking because i could smell it coming off him, but alcohol aside he clearly wasn't right and he said 'can you call an ambulance' - he'd fallen over and hurt his back - took me a few goes to actually understand what he was saying - you know when a 2 year old talks in his own language and you generally just smile and nod and pretend to understand. So I called one and sat with him while he was being sick down himself - and everybody just moved away from him and stood staring at him from a distance like 'I don't want to help him, he's not my responsibility, somebody else can do it' - it gave me the absolute fucking rage, pardon my French, I mean what the hell is wrong with them - he's still a person, a human being - just because he's a bit retarded and a bit disabled and a bit drunk doesn't mean he's some kind of insect or something vile and inhuman - he's a living being that needed help - how would they like it if they needed help and nobody wanted to come near them because they looked a bit different, or like they were struggling. Why is showing physical or mental weakness so abhorrent to other people? I shouldn't have had to walk up to this guy from another stop to help him, I shouldn't have had to miss two busses to sit with him until the ambulance arrived and watch him be sick down himself and dribble everywhere and I shouldn't have had to sit in the freezing cold (10'C) for over 45 mins wearing only a miniskirt and a tshirt with a thin cardigan - not because I didn't want to help him, but because the other arsehole people who claim to be human beings who were only a couple of feet away from him or barging past him to get off the bus should have got there first.

There are times when I am embarrassed for what people have become, and I detest society for it. So utterly self-absorbed that they are only interested in what happens to other people if it gives them something to gossip about or if it benefits themselves in some way. Yes, I know I'm very angry, but I think I have got absolutely every right to be.


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