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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Social Life.

I complain a lot about having no social life. It is true, but this week has been a pretty good week. I went up to London to The Windsor Castle Pub in Marylebone and had a surreal time, which I have documented with moving pictures.

The first Friday of every month, The Handlebar Moustache Society meet in this particular pub. My best friend has a weird moustache/pipe fetish, so every month we go along to sit with a bunch of drunken face-furniture wearing people.

This time, My friend brought along a bag of mistletoe, and declared she wanted to raise enough funds flogging it to random people, to buy a pint that was funded by nature.

While in the pub and waiting for about 2 hours to find somewhere to sit, we ended up on a table with two businessmen from a ‘digital company’ (their wonderfully vague, non-specific self-labelling, not mine) who sort of took over Suzy’s game and brought it to a whole new level:

I don’t know how interesting it got after this because I sadly had to leave at 11 to get my train home. Nobody really remembers what happened after this.

Tonight was my Art Club’s Christmas party. Whoever said that old people are really boring needs to come along and meet these people. I am the youngest there by at least 30 years and I had an absolute ball.

Here’s a little quiz for you that we had (a few I can remember anyway). You have to find the colour associated word with these sentences. For example ‘cilla’s real name’ – Cilla Black’s real name is Pricilla White… that kinda thing.

1) stuck on a desert island (8)

2) Franciscans (10)

3) European nobility (5,2,6)

4) Here’s one I made earlier (4,5)


We then had a bag of random bits thrown at us – consisting of tissues, a sheet of wrapping paper, a newspaper, a wiry bit of tinsel, scissors, sellotape and 2 balloons. We had 15 mins to make a crazy hat. I won a bottle of pinot for mine! hehe! I scribbled the design in about 2 seconds and then sat there while the rest of the table sellotaped stuff to me! LOL We weren’t sure what to use the balloons for, but we came up with a good use fairly quickly, which got a huge laugh from everyone in the room! That’s something about myself that I like actually- I’m never too shy to make an eejit out of myself when it comes to dressing up. I LOVE wearing costumes!
























I’m working as a Christmas temp in a card shop which is absolutely soul destroying!  The people  I work with are nice, but the work itself is absolutely mind-numbing, not to mention spine torturing. Standing up pretty much in the same square foot of space all day is already taking it’s toll on my back (which has been a bit dodgy since I was about 14) – walking around the supermarket today and it was aching! If we had a stool or something to sit on when we felt like it would really be so much easier on us – pretty much all of  us have really sore backs by the end of the day. It’s horrific being stuck under strip-lighting punching numbers into a till for 8+ hours a day when I’d rather be getting high off white spirit fumes and wielding a paintbrush and making a mess. I know it’s getting me money and I badly need money, but still…. I NEED art. It makes me happy and keeps me sane…

Ok so ‘sane’ is a term I use loosely.. still

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