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Friday, 18 December 2009

Elle est Absente

I know I've not been on much lately - I've been getting up at 6am for work lately (obscene! I'm an artist - don't do mornings!) which is at a card shop. It could be worse, I’m getting money coming in for a change – the christmas season and the same bloody cd of christmas songs is making my want to rip out my cochlea and having to tell pretty much every single customer who buys cards, giftwrap or a calendar that it’s buy one get one half price, when there are MASSIVE signs all around the shop saying so, yet they still go ‘oh!! really?? OOH….’ grrr… come on people – you have eyes – USE THEM.

Yeah so this Christmas as far as work goes it’s more ‘bah humbug’ than ‘hohoho’ but still – only a few more days then I’m done with the place. I don’t actually know what I’m writing right now because I’m so tired so probably rambling horrifically… so yeah.. basically saying that I’ve not been on for ages because I’m working and too tired when I get home to be bothered to think of something interesting to say. The place I work is located in chav central. I have never seen so much velour in one place. It offends my eyes.

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