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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Untitled, because I can't think of one

ha ha hEM. Er... well - I just re-read my last blog, and this website malarkey has taken me.. QUITE a bit longer than I expected. I wasn't really planning on teaching myself HTML and CSS as well as how to use Dreamweaver, but if we didn't have to struggle to get things done, we wouldn't feel quite as satisfied when we'd finally finished and stood back and taken stock of what we'd actually been able to accomplish, would we?

My website is finished, the domain name is bought -, incidentally, all I need to do now is call up the domain name people tomorrow and tell them the address of the server host I'm using, because I'm not using theirs, wait 24 hours for that to be processed, then I'm live and online! About time!

Second bit of news for anyone who cares to know, that after many 'conversations' I'm finally getting a studio!

well.. I'm getting a shed, which I'm going to convert into a studio - it needs a lot of work done to it - need to get all the crap that's in there now out and in the attic, then need to plug all the holes, somehow get all the spiders out without hurting them (yes, I am that loserish, supersticious and pro-life) hoover up the cobwebs and dead wasps and other creepy crawlies, put up the insulation, board that in, paint it white, get some plastic sheeting type stuff down on the floor somewhere, then pull in some furniture. I know it's really pathetic, but I'm so excited about FINALLY getting a space of my own that's not my bedroom where I can do my thing without getting yelled at for potentially getting paint on beddings and carpets. I've already planned to get a desk in there for my laptop so I can have my music, and do my graphics work.. or start learning to do that anyway, and my old kettle from uni and a BIG tin of teabags and chocolate biscuits, so I can have tea whenever I want, RIGHT there - I already have coffeemate so I don't even need to bother with milk :D (I just need to figure out how to get electricity in there, but that's a minor detail that can be figured out later).

Now my frustration and impatience with the website is over, the impatience with the great British weather begins. I just need 3 days of solid good weather so I can move all that crap out without getting rained on or snowed on or iced by. I honestly cannot wait until spring, and I sincerely wish it would rodding well hurry up and get a wiggle on so I can move my art stuff into there and start using that space without dying of cold. Some sun, warmth and fresh air wouldn't go amiss either - summer is going to be wonderful, because the shed is the old summerhouse with two big doors that open up so I can really feel the world and listen to the birds.

Speaking of birds, my dad's blackbird was got today by a cat. We say it's dad's bird because it loved him - whenever dad was in the garden, he'd (we know it was a he because his beak was bright yellow) come and perch on something near him and watch him. Dad chased the bloody animal down the garden to try and rescue the bird, but it was too late. He was very upset, but I painted him a picture of it from a photo I took a couple of weeks ago, so that cheered him up a little. It's not as if that cat didn't have enough to eat - it was clinically obese. I'm peeved about it too to be honest - I mean, there were at least 5 pigeons on the lawn which wouldn't have been missed - why couldn't it have got one of those?. All I can say is woe betide any cat that so much as dares to THINK about going after my Robin. There must be some way to keep the bloody things out of our garden. I personally think a dog would be a good preventative, but mum won't have it.

and from birds to twitter

I really don't get what all the fuss is about - people seem to be going on about it constantly these days - I didn't actually know what it was - I just assumed it was a rival to blogspot or facebook or something. Onto youtube I went to get educated. Apperently it's something to fill in the gaps between blogs. For people to say things like:
I just made a cup of tea.
I just got out of the shower
I'm picking up the phone to call up my pshyciatrist
I ate a bagel approximately 4 mins and 35 seconds ago

As if they think people actually care. As if this endless and incessent self-promotion isn't weird enough, you get EVEN WEIRDER people following these things, who are actually interested to know if joe bloggs farted at 4.25pm. I mean... I don't know, I suppose I'd have to sign up to the thing and actually give it a try myself before I can really form a proper opinion of it, but it just seems really rather stalkerish to me, and a bit sad that people have got absolutely nothing better to do with their time than inform complete strangers of their every movement. Blogging is only a step away from that, but at least it gives you the space to form some coherent ideas and actually talk about something meaningful if you wanted to - like the treatment of bears in Peru, or the bushfires in Australia. I chose to fill mine up with rubbish, but that is because I freely admit I have no life outside of a canvas at the moment. The stalkerish element to twitter is the main thing I find incredibly offputting. The closest you'll ever get me to that thing is updating my facebook status when I can be bothered.

EDIT: Damn. I just changed the layout and lost my statcounter thing. How annoying. That had over a thousand pageviews and made me appear to be a vaguely interesing person. Still, at least the page looks a bit better now.

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