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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Missing Out

Wow! it seems I've really been missing out! I've just spent the past hour surfing the net. I originally started out searching for a studio easel I can actually afford (those things are EXPENSIVE! I'd be better off building my own out of bamboo sticks or something), and ended up looking at studios for rent (out of curiosity) in my area (to give me ideas for my own) and found myself on a website about open studios. FANTASTIC idea! getting the public into a studio so they can see how it's done (and also a good way to promote work) I think I should get myself into some of these arty communities - I think I could learn so much from these people! I'm definitely going to pay a few studios a visit during open season and see what info about techniques and materials etc I can glean, especially about sculpting - I'd love to be able to do that properly, and really feel confident that I know what I'm doing... Who knows - in couple of years time, I might take part as an artist too :D

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Kristine said...

Studio tours are awesome. There is a collective of galleries, personal studios and what not here and every first Thursday the studios open their doors and let the public wander around. Its very very informative. Especially to someone like me who works in a make-shift studio at home.

I always wanna invest in an external studio once I have a visit!