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Monday, 16 February 2009


This is my one-fingered salute to that guy who did 'blue square' and had the audacity to call it art. I frankly find it insulting that people like that, and that AWFUL Tracey Emin woman who stuck her unmade bed in an art gallery (I'd like to tell her where else she could stick it), get recognition over other people who devote their lives to creating amazing art and who live in obscurity, or relative obscurity.

(I'm not actually dedicating this canvas solely to this though - I'm not wasting it - I just painted it blue as the background for something else - just looked at it as it was drying and thought 'if I sent this to the Tate Modern with some horrifically pretentious title, i could get a lot of money for it)


EddieD said...

Congratulations! I worked in a law firm years ago and had to walk by a work called "Two Yellows" every day. And it really pissed me off. A simple square with an oh-so-subtle delineation between the shades of yellow right across the middle. I carefully attached a Post-It note (blank) in the lower-right corner. That in and of itself was not remarkable. But what really brought a deep sense of joy to my soul was taking the time to print out, in the same font and size the title "three yellows" and carefully afix it over the actual title.

Lasted about a week before someone undefaced it.

Your own homage reminded me of that instantly!

Tash said...

hehe! what was the colour of the post-it? because you could have really pushed the boat out and called it 'four yellows'
and then on the printed out label called it 'Abstract Pizza'! heh heh I would blatently have done that!