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Friday, 20 February 2009


I've been 23 for about a day now. I'm officially old. I say that every year. This year, I AM old though. It'll be worse in 2 years time when I hit the big 2-5 and realise that a quarter of my life is over and I've done nothing with it. Wow, what an optimistic start to the year! LOL seriously though - hopefully by the time I'm 25, I can say I've done something worthwhile with a qarter of a century.

The pressure is on now, because I see people like The Pythons, or Charles Dickens who had done masses by the time they were 23 - Look at Mozart for chrissakes, he'd already written several operas by the time he was EIGHTEEN! ok, Mozart is a bad example because he was a genius, but still - it's a case of life going into the input funnel, and not a lot coming out of the output funnel of the Tash machine, so I aim to do something about this.

Today was spent relaxing mainly, and eating far too much, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of bits n bobs on the graphics tablet. I'm leaning on that thing a lot at the moment as the scribble output receiver (I like that, I might use that again - not a bad name considering I made it up on the spot at exactly 03.00!) because my sketchbook is full up and the shop didn't have the size I wanted. Why is it whenever you need a sketchbook, they always just HAPPEN to have sold out of the particular size you want, and either have absolutely massive ones for about £12.99 or stupidly small things you could just about squeeze a stick man into and with crap quality paper for £3.99, but not the decent cartridge just under A4size ringbound one that you want.

I digress. Digital things. I did an alternative Clara Bow picture, because I wasn't overly keen on the first green one, so here it is:

then did an eye.

And learned how to make an animated gif thing to post up a progress gif thing on here. Mainly for my own entertainment, but there you go. Create custom animated gifs at!

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