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Sunday, 15 February 2009

New Sculpture

is in the works. I'm attempting a 1945 Judy Garland - mainly because everything else I've attempted to sculpt so far has been out of my head... it's strange - I find it next to impossible to draw things from my imagination, but hand me a piece of clay and faces just materialise out of it. So, I thought I'd try Judy, because I've spent most of my life loving her, so I know her face extremely well, and how it's supposed to look - that plus she has a funny little face - small chin, pug nose, low brows, big eyes - so she'd be an interesting face to try and build too.. I bought a few blocks of polymer clay.. and while I dont really have Miss Showbusiness just yet (I'm finding this extremely hard to do! it's one thing drawing someone and something else completely to try and make something 4D when you've only ever seen the subject in 2D) - so yes, she doesn't really look like Judy Garland yet, but she'd make a very good addition to the Easter Island carvings! haha oh well - I'll keep at it and see what happens. My art teachers in school told me that no matter how dismal a painting looks, if you keep at it, it will eventually come out the way you want it to - you just have to break through the mental barrier of 'this isn't working. Bin it'. They were right about that, so I hope the same philosophy can be successfully applied to sculpting. Thank god this is polymer clay so I can take my time with it and not stress about it drying out on me.

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