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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

USA day 7: Boston

Boston-> New York

Got up at half 7 this morning to go in search of the CHEERS pub. It is so bloody easy to get lost in Boston - it's just as bad as London, if not worse.

Anyway - took a walk around Boston Common. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but whatever it was, was a lot bigger than this - took me about 7 mins - if that - to walk from one end to the other (and this was while I was walking slowly). I think I was expecting something akin to Nonsuch/Hyde park, and instead got Cheam Park. It WAS pretty though, I'll admit that - and clean, no litter lying around like in the parks at home - and it had some nice monuments and the swan boat thing - but it was a LOT smaller than I'd expected, considering the size of the green blob on the map... may be it's actually that Boston is tiny, so the Common looks huge in comparison?

here are a couple of pictures anyway - you can find more in the photo gallery in my website:

Dragged my suitcase around the T again. One arm is now considerably longer than the other. No bloody lifts or anything to help weary travellers. Urgh.

THIS is what I had to put up with:
(not my vid btw - I wouldn't have wasted the memory on my camera on the Boston subway)
Imagine trying to lug a 14 tonne suitcase onto one of those!

Am on a bus to New York now - for four hours.

OVER four hours!!!

This one is a megabus - only costing me $12 to get from Boston to New York - that's what, £6? six quid wouldn't even get me from Epsom to Waterloo on the train - (if memory serves, that cost me £13 and only took half an hour... and that was about 6 years ago, before inflation and before train fares doubled) it smells really nice on this bus too - kind of like Vanilla... hopefully the toilet will be a little less scary than the one on the Peter Pan bus from NY to Hartford O.O seats are far more comfy with tons of leg room too - not that I can really complain about leg room ever anyway - I don't really have that issue of tall-personitis.

I can't wait to be back in New York City - the DADDY of cities! In a way, I'm really nervous because I hope that it wasn't just jetlag and sheer excitement of being on holiday etc that was talking before and clouding my judgement - and that I've got some crazed rose-tinted and sleep-deprived idyllic view of New York that I expect it to live up to this time around. Nervous too, because I'd hate to find out that my first impression was absolutely skewed and a complete illusion/delusion fuelled by.. no sleep, adrenaline etc etc etc, and that in actual fact, New York is just as shit as London, and the people just as arsy, because if it is, I'll be horribly disappointed and discouraged.

Fingers crossed, eh?

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