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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Put Your Hands Up For New York.. I Love This City!

New York is absolutely amazing! diverse, interesting... the people there are so friendly - makes London look like a city of cynical, grumpy manic depressives.. oh no, wait - it IS. I can see myself living in New York - at least for a little while - I can't wait to go back in a few days! If you click the taxi, you can see more photos from yesterday!

I'm in Hartford, CT now, as I write this - arrived safe and sound - the bus station is only 5 minutes from the hotel, and to be brutally honest, it's a bit dull.... Hartford is dead. It's like a ghost town - nothing is open - no people - barely any cars... really dull. Maybe it's just the area I'm in. Really humid here too. The Goodwin Hotel is absolutely gorgeous - the only thing I have to complain about it is that my remote control for the TV is broken... but then there's absolutely nothing on that is worth watching anyway so it's not as if I'm missing out. It seems in Hartford, everything stops at 5pm - I went out for a walk in the rain for well over an hour trying to find something.. ANYTHING to do, because there's a wedding going on downstairs... but no. The theatres - there are two of them near here- are both shut. Couldn't even get into the box office to pick up a leaflet to see if there is going to be anything on... I really feel like I'm in a ghost town. The air is even thicker than in New York and very still, and the rain started to come down a bit harder, so I squelched back in the direction of the hotel and had dinner in a pannini and wine bar place called Bin 228 ... it was tiny - the food was great! I now know what chipotle is! (although I'm not entirely sure how to spell it) :D but there were only about... maybe 9 people in there? - outside was absolutely deserted by then - no cars and not one person apart from me walking around. Like I said, squelched back to the Goodwin.

Apparently there's a tropical storm headed this way... I'm not entirely sure what that means (it was Hurricane Hanna, but has been downgraded to a tropical storm for us) but it might clear the air - it's like breathing syrup here and in New York - it's that humid...95% humidity according to the weather channel... maybe that's why everything is shut and Hartford is a ghost town...
It's only 7pm, but I feel like the sledgehammer of jetlag has just hit me square between the eyes, so I'm off to bed.

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