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Friday, 19 September 2008

haha awesome!

I can make myself look like Judy Garland, Or... Shrek! with just a click of a button! beautiful. (

c70222d8_sg13.jpg and IMG_5025.jpg Faces Combined Together -

IMG_5025.jpg and Shrek Faces Combined Together -

ok I've been bored today, ok? my life this week has been sticking really small labels onto well over 1000 CDs (opera cds) in a tiny little room with some shelves, a skylight and very little else. All on my own. All day. I think it is making me go a little crazy. Actually that's a lie - I had to cover the switchboard lady for half an hour so I actually got to communicate for a little while LOL I can't really complain - it's getting me money to pay off my credit card and put towards my '10 week acting class in New York' fund.

can't believe that it's only been a week since I came back - not even a week yet... it feels like months ago

oh! I forgot to mention - my art gallery site is fully stocked and up and running and pretty up to date.. I think.... I still have a lot of things to photograph and post up there though, and I should really start painting again because I really do love it - I just don't have very much time these days - I complain about being bored, but it's a bit of an oxymoron because I'm charging around like a woman posessed trying to be in 8 places at once doing 5 different things. None of them particularly well, I might add.
Anyway, here's the website if you want to check it out:

I'll also try to upload some more photos to my gallery:

let me know what you think :D

off to Canterbury tomorrow to see one of my best friends who I've not seen for over a year now because she was living and studying in America for a year - San Diego of all places! yeah, I know - talk about unfair! bet she has a lovely tan to go with that degree. Alright for some - some of us are just pasty - and peeling after only havin one day of true sun exposure.

and now for some music exposure: janacek's cunning little vixen
absolutely gorgeous.

though not performed half as well as the students at the Royal College of Music did it.

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