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Sunday, 7 September 2008

USA day 3: Hartford


1. Got up at 8

2. Thought I'd go shopping - 2 miles away. Walked half way there and changed my mind because it was such a nice day that I wanted to hang out by the river. Tried to get on a boat trip - The Lady Katharine (no doubt named after the late great Hepburn, who was a Connecticut native) but it was planning to leave about 15 mins before I could get there.

Went to my room to sulk for five minutes, get my stuff together and quickly google boats. Found something called the Hartford Belle but couldn't find any information on it because its website was down. Decided to go down to the river anyway armed with a sketchbook, because then at least I'd be doing SOMETHING, and not being stuck indoors all day on such a lovely day, with crap tv. Saw the Hartford Belle, asked if they're sailing - asked a very friendly guy if they're sailing - yes, was the answer, and the rest, as they say is history

(which I shall write up and in more detail tomorrow)

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