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Monday, 11 May 2009

Stuff and Things

Another day in the studio where not a lot happened. One of the major drawbacks of working in oil is that it takes a ruddy long time to dry. For some reason - I don't know the science and chemical composition behind it, but white oil paint takes three times longer than any other colour to dry. I don't work in oil very often, so I keep forgetting this, so I'm stuck hanging around for ages waiting for layers to dry.

Alec Egan is having an art show at the end of this month! HURRAH! well.. for him anyway - sadly it's in Los Angeles - again this is great for him, but it means I can't go and see it... I don't think I could get to Los Angeles on my Oyster card somehow... sadly. A POUND? you say?

Alec, if you ever read this, how about you get yourself on a plane to Blighty, eh?

Here is an interview with him on the Tube of You

I think he may be a little tipsy in this, but I understand what he means anyway.

I LOVE this guy's work! And, believe it or not (more likely not, looking at my work, it's absolutely nothing like his) this guy is the reason why I'm now an artist. Seeing him just doing inspired me to get off my arse and stop talking about wanting to be an artist, and actually just DOING it.

And from tranny art to penis art.... My friend sent me this... it is hands down the funniest thing I've seen in a long time:

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