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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A couple of bits.

I've finally finished the oil painting I was doing, Which I've decided to call 'Jill's House', in dedication to one of my friends

The picture qality isn't the greatest, I'm afraid, it was absolutely BUCKETING down outside and the lighting was ridiculously bad. When we get some sun, I'll try to remember to take some decent pictures.

And another 'Mrs O'Reilly'.

I know she comes from inside my own head, but I'd love to know who she is and where she's going.

Done a couple of rough prep ideas for my next piece... not sure where it's going now, but it's going to be expressionist and times square. Another one to add to the USA collection

1 comment:

Ralph Ivy said...

I like the lady. The low center of the piece. Walking toward me. The buildings on each side curving inward. Protecting her? I think so.
She is alone. But she is facing me. Waling forward.