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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cakeage and photos etc. Lots of visuals today.


The cake.. This cake - was pretty good! I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate or walnuts so I personally wasn't in love with it, but mum and dad have told me to make it again 'any time you want' - which coming from them is high praise indeed!

HOWEVER: It said on the recipie that it serves four. HAH! My GOD does it serve four - it's quite a rich, heavy pud - you will get AT LEAST 6 out of it. I had 1/6th of it and I actually struggled to finish it. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I don't eat very much, but when it comes to puddings and cakes, I have hollow legs. Struggled.

Not got a huge amount done in the studio lately - the one I'm working on at the moment is oil so it's a lot of faffing about waiting for layer to dry, which drives me nuts - and I don't have the space to have one drying and one in the works, so I'm pretty lumbered with it til its finished.

In the meantime, I've been faffing elsewhere, trying to think of how I'd want to update my website, which I shall need to do when I'm done with this collection and was thinking of updating some of the photography sections and profile pictures and welcome message and whatnot.

Here's all I managed to come up with:

I like these last two, but I don't think they're particularly suitable.

My friend, Charles (see, darling, I'm giving you credit where it's due) played around with one of my pictures and came up with a pretty cool version!

Isn't that cool?! It really reminded me of some of those pictures by Andy Warhol, so I tweaked the colours a bit to make it even more Warhol like:

ANNNNNND finally - a bunch of photos around the garden and studio... just because I was making the most of comandeering my dad's excellent camera while he was out I'm not really supposed to use it because I have my own, so shhhh...

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