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Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Dealio

Alrighty - to cut a short story shorter - I've had a bit of a body-blunder. When I was younger, I gave myself RSI(repetitive strain injury) in my right hand, and I've kind of sparked it off again after stretching my canvasses by hand before I got my pliers... and it's radiated up my arm so now I have a cross between RSI and tennis elbow! fun times! so I'm giving l'internet minimal use and minimal computer use in general because my physio says that typing aggravates it. FABULOUS. I'll be updating photo-wise, but not writing. Sorry to those who have emailed me - I shall get back to you eventually when I'm feeling less pained!

1 comment:

Ralph Ivy said...

Ah...the strain of being an artist.

Thanks for the short, short story. You put it in literal terms. (smile)