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Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Video

Finally sort of figured out how to use Premiere Pro and photoshop to edit video - here's a little something I put together of my friends and I from our uni days *sniff* I want to be a student again! I miss this so much! :(

Love from judaline on Vimeo.


MinkelSquareD said...

Cool video and like a lot the song, what is the name of the band and song ?? Please let me know.
By the way, thanks for stopping by on my Flickr photostream.
Cheers !

Tash said...

hey no worries, and thanks! :)

the song is called 5 Years Time, by a band called Noah and the Whale

MinkelSquareD said...

Hey, howdy? the song on iTunes..really good song.

You should post some of your photos from your website on your Flickr account...they are really good....right now I can see only bugs and more bugs and more.......bugs!!

Just my two cents....