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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Happenings.... or... more to the point... nonhappenings

I just got an email asking me if I could do an exhibition in St Albans next week! this would be my first exhibition and taste of being a 'real artist' but I had to turn it down! *throws self on floor in tantrum* I'd have to submit six framed pieces by Saturday - which I can't do, because I can't afford frames for a start - and more to the point - I don't have a stack of spare paintings just lying around on the side for 'just incase' moments like this yet - I'm not willing to part with any of my USA collection yet either because the collection is only half done and I want it all in a gallery at the same time, otherwise it defeats the whole object of having 13 paintings for 13 colonies! ARGH! I'm so miffed! I could seriously use the money! he'd only be taking 20% off me in commission fees as well!

I don't know whether I should be over the moon because I got the offer and it shows at least someone is interested in my work, or distraught because I have to turn it down.

Now I know why we were born with two legs: so we can stand on one while giving ourselves a good kicking with the other.

I think I might just have a coffee and a sit down.


Ralph Ivy said...

Wow. I like your explanation for us having two legs. I will have to remember it. (big chuckle.)

I see you are back typing again. After your canvas stretching injury. Good. And you told a good story about the pen in an early post. Did the young clerk explain why an ID was required? You might do graffiti on a public wall or somethin'?

Maybe teens are into a new fad of breathing ink or somethin'...

And about the art show - being invited is a reward. More opportunities will come. Your work is there.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Don't get hung up on keeping the 13 paintings together...think of it as a preview, a tease! Sorry about the frames, that's rough. Great opportunity though, fingers crossed for another one soon!

Tash said...

To be honest, Ralph - I didn't ask! I was too busy feeling mildly insulted! haha I shouldn't think it's because of graffiti kids because it's for menu boards so just add water and an old rag and it'll come right off! Breathing ink sounds far more likely!

the injury is ongoing so I'm having to keep an eye on it - I gave myself RSI when I was 16, so every now and then it flares up again when I do something stupid - so it's basically the tendon that goes from my thumb up to my elbow gets really sore and inflamed.. it's an absolute pest!

I'm still a little miffed that I couldn't make the art show - purely from a financial standpoint- but I'm just starting out, so like you say, as people become more aware of my work then there'll be other opportunities!

Just keep pluggin' away, right? :D