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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Very Short Rant.

Right. I am getting absolutely sick of people 'reading' my blog, or visiting my website and saying 'we'll link to your amazing site if you put a link to ours' 'win win situation' etc.

My site/blog is about art, photography and a little bit of music. Why the hell would I want to link to watertanks or powertools or herbal remedies? If you are one of these people who is reading this and thinking of emailing me requesting the same, in the nicest possible way.. FUCK OFF!

However if you're an artist or musiciany type person and I like your stuff, THEN I'll consider it. To any other promoters of unrelated goods, please don't waste my time as well as your own by emailing me.


Ralph Ivy said...

I like rants. The freedom to do so. And thank you for expressing yours. I share the frustration with "swarmers" or whatever they are called.

I keep looking (I do spend a lot of time on blogcatalog discussions, seeing what ones I might relate to.

Thankfully I do find some. And same for artist/writer bloggers with whom I do connect. And do find. And you are one.

Tash said...

'swarmer'.. that's a good name! suits them! like a swarm of wasps pestering you while you're trying to have a picnic! hehe!

Better out than in, eh? At least now I can write them snarky replies - they can't say they've not been warned.. normally I'm too nice and just ignore it... I had about 3 in one day last week... hence the rage!