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Monday, 12 January 2009

Short Muisc Rant (yes, for me, this is short).

What in God's name is going on with music these days? I really don't get it.

I love indie/rock/folk, right? but I'm beginning to lose faith in the record companies' wisdom, in a really big way.

Why why WHY do all these guys feel the need to sing like they have their nuts trapped in a vice??!!? hearing guys singing higher than me in nasal little voices is really REALLY unnerving. I mean... I know skinny jeans must be uncomfortable for people with dangly bits, but they don't have to wear skinny jeans in the recording studio.

Rooks by Shearwater is a bad example because I do actually like that song- I can't actually think of the song I originally had in mind when I started to write this now.. but.. it's just not RIGHT for guys to sing THAT HIGH!!!

Secondly - I'm amazed by the sheer volume of people getting record deals who honestly can't sing. Prime example - 'The Indelicates'. Ok, so the song is tolerable, but the girl has got absolutely no control over her voice - she bleats like a sheep during lambing season - if you can't sing that high and sustain it at any form of volume, how about you get some rodding singing lessons and learn to use your diaphragm til you CAN support it! I don't want to turn on my radio and have to listen to some girl who sounds like she's swallowed her vibrator.

The music industry must really be desperate for new talent - they seem to pick just anyone and hand them a record label, regardless of their singing ability. Talent is one thing - as in creativity to write and perform interesting music, but there's gotta be at least some BASIC level of skill involved.... right?

EDIT: I've remembered the name of the song I had in mind before 'I'm a donkey for your love' by Boat. He sounds like Miss Piggy!! It's just so so SO WRONG on so many levels!!! it doesn't show up so much on the video in youtube coz it's live and i think they must do some serious self harming in the studio to get that high vocally which wouldn't be suitable for live audiences to watch.

*shakes head slowly*

skinny jeans. I'm telling ya.

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