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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Making a website gives me a headache


I never realised how HARD it is to build a website from scratch! my main website is hosted at free.... well it USED to be, but that's now been changed to ... same sort of thing.

Anyway. I was absolutely SICK of the gallery on there - it was rubbish - it'd distort anything you put on there, so I made my own fabulous shiny new one in photoshop's web gallery creator thing, and tried to learn what ftp was so I could upload it.

A word to the wise:

freewebs/webs does not support ftp.

which I had to dig around on google answers for for a good half hour, because I thought I was just being stupid and doing something wrong. Basically unless you're a premium member you can't use ftp (which for you fellow non technobabble people, means 'file transfer protocol' which apparently means it can upload stuff faster... or something... i'm not quite sure - I just know I need it in order to get this gallery up)

anyway, so I register myself with and am having to build the whole rodding thing from scratch and it is giving me an absolute headache. I'm one of the lesser technologically advanced members of the species, but I'll be damned if I can't do something a 12 year old kid can. I'm like a dog with a kong at the moment - I am absolutely determined to be able to do this!

ok, so I may be spitting fire at the computer, and anyone walking past my room might think a sailor has broken in, but I WILL do this *said through gritted teeth*
I get the basics... but it would help if the basics worked.
I can't afford to/don't want to shell out for dreamweaver, which is apparently the best thing to use, so I was using NVU which, fair enough, it got the homepage onto the internet... but none of the pictures - ie the header and thumbnails which were to be hotlinked to the corresponding galleries... and seeing as the whole premise of that site is that it's to be a gallery OF pictures... it kind of defeated the old object there somewhat.

It just kept on coming up with broken links to it for no reason, and apparently loads of other people have had that exact same problem, and to cut a short story even shorter, I can't be bothered to sit down for 3 hours and read through 150 lines of HTML which I don't really understand, to nitpick a tiny piece of code that might have been automatically written incorrectly because of some form of bug in the programme.

So. That's NVU out of the proverbial window.

Next, I'm going with Yahoo site builder - again, a free thingamy. We'll see how that works out. Wish me luck eh? because at this rate, I'm going to need all the help and luck I can get!!!

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EDIT: ARGH! after all that on the yahoo one - i probably didn't read the thing properly but they want me (of course) to publish to a paid for yahoo site. no thank you. still - if you're wanting to use it and are happy to pay for your site - yahoo site builder is really easy to use and i really like it. Just a pain in the arse that I didn't read through the thingy properly.

Dreamweaver trial it is then.

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