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Saturday, 15 August 2009

A little overambitious

Trying to get 8 paintings done in 2 days was... a little overambitious. Ok, a LOT overambitious. I only managed to get 3 done that were vaguely passable because I was stressing over wether or not I'd be able to get things done in time or not. If nothing else, I've learned a valuable lesson: There is no point in rushing. More haste = less speed + less quality. Besides, people aren't stupid - they're not going to pay for something that's badly done, and frankly, I'd be embarrassed to try and push something that isn't my best.

I had THE most unconstructive day in the studio I think I've ever had yesterday - I did absolutely F.A. I was in there painting all day, but you know those days when the 'gift' decides to pack its little bags and go on holiday? (usually when you need to rely on it. typical.) Yeah? I had one of those. It's SO frustrating, I can't tell you - to see paintings lying around that are good and then to be completley incapable of painting something that's basic is the most infuriating thing in the world! Plus I decided to try to paint on board which was in itself a bad idea because I hadn't worked on board since I was in school.... now I remember why! If you're going to work on AS level material, you're gonna get AS level results. Total waste of a day. A word to the wise? Just because you were good at doing something almost 6 years ago does not mean you are good at doing it now. If you haven't done a specific thing for that long, I'd suggest NOT doing what I did and trying to do it off the bat, but to have a practice first. I'm going to have a break from the studio today and try and realign my chakras or whatever you call it (get self together by removing self from source of annoyance) and hopefully will have better luck in there tomorrow.

Here are the aforementioned three:

Epic Fail.

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