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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Creaturemag - Art Magazine - Publishing interesting Art and Literature

Discovered this cool little site which quirky illustration-y type people might enjoy :)

Creaturemag - Art Magazine - Publishing interesting Art and Literature

Brief update on me:
Just as it's warming up and I'm thinking of my plan of attack for the summer in terms of art, the parentals decide they want to move. I don't, so this means getting a 'real' job and move and trying to figure out how to keep up my art too. *Brings out a violin*. My CV thus far reads as follows: Artist with English Degree. Will paint for food.

Looking down several employment avenues at the moment - copywriting/proofreading, advertising.. either way, y'know, I'm an artist first and foremost so yes, I have a literary background too - I have a 2:1 BA in Comparative Literature, so I'm by no means 'just another dumb artist' who only paints stuff because they're not good at anything else. (That stereotype really irritates me) But I want to use my creativity somehow otherwise I don't really see the point of having it. If that makes sense - I've been given that gift, so I should use it. If anyone reading this actually works for any publishing companies or does any of these kinds of jobs and has any friendly advice etc to give, please feel free to do so!

ramble ramble ramble

Working on sketching out ideas for redoing my website as my current one is embarrassingly bad, ridiculously slow loading for some reason and full of rubbish. Just needing to get my hands on dreamweaver and photoshop (still!) and then my will shall be done. So that's something shiny and new to look forward to...

er.. that's about it really.

Going to the Boat Race in London to watch Oxford and Cambridge battle it out on the Thames over a pint or several.. it'll be good :) I would laugh a lot if the boat overturned. I know that's mean, but I would.

Also looking forward to polo season starting up again! Ham Polo Club is just up the road from me, so I thought some highspeed photos would be quite fun to attempt.

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creature said...

Hi Tash,

Thanks for publishing a Creaturemag link. Much appreciated.

Have enjoyed browsing your blog. Some good honest writing.