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Saturday, 4 April 2009

The first 'PROPER' day in the studio

spent the past few days learning to make and stretch my canvas - the stretching part is easy, i learned to do that when i was still in school, but the making of the frame part is a little trickier. I'm pretty handy at DIY, but making all those edges line up exactly is an absolute bloody nightmare when using a manual saw. I think I shall try a power saw next time.

Anyhoo - here's the product of the past few days:


i'm not happy with the lettering... i'm not entirely convinced by the entire picture to tell the truth.. i think tomorrow i might just get a sponge and scrub at the lettering a bit and make it look more subtle.
I HATE painting words - i was never good at calligraphy, and anyone who has ever seen my handwriting will agree that it a bit of a chicken scratch. (see for yourself - i seem to remember handwriting an entry here a little while ago)
it's bad enough having to sign my paintings let alone having to write 4 words in a stupid fancy font. How the hell do sign painters do it???? (as in people who paint letting on doors and on glass)

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